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Happy Heart Day!

AKA Rose Day!

I do know the reason behind why Valentine’s Day is so special -, but NO offense, Valentine's Day is so over-rated these days and just an excuse to drop loads of cash!

Shouldn’t there be love in the air everyday and shouldn’t we spoil our loved ones any day?! We should do nice stuff and show our love and appreciation any random day. I'm big believer that you should treat everyone the same way everyday and not just because it's marked as a special day. Why can’t we celebrate the meaning behind “Valentine’s Day” on February 2 or April 11th? There is so much pressure to get the perfect card or gift or dinner reservation and the perfect outfit all to show your nearest and dearest how much they mean to you! This was all something that could be planned days before having kids, but now with school, homework, after school activities, work, other responsibilities and life in general going on, it’s not so easy and it’s too much pressure not to mention how much money can be dropped when lets say celebrating 2 days later - roses are 50% off!!

I was preparing for a photo shoot with the kids today and my husband goes, “uh why can’t you do this over the weekend, they still have to do their homework. Valentine’s Day is next week!“ To my reply being - "umm because Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday and it’s already Monday!!" LOL!! Needless to say the craziness in our life, VDay just slipped his mind!

This year, I don’t even think we have dinner reservations anywhere and also finding a babysitter is nearly impossible as everyone seems to have plans! I honestly don’t even mind spending the evening with the kids and going out as a family - isn’t Valentine’s Day all about doting on the ones you love!! As the kids are getting older, they are also starting to understand the meaning and I truly believe would be sad if they didn’t get to spend it with us. We’ll probably get take out or go to a local restaurant - nothing fancy, but all of us being together is the most important!

I also don’t believe in spending a ton of money on gifts as it’s the thought that counts! I absolutely love flowers and think they are gorgeous and beautify any room, but I HATE getting flowers especially on Valentine’s Day! Not only are they overpriced, but that means it’s just one more thing on my to-do list I have to take care of - so no thank you!! He also use to get them for me anytime he wanted to say “sorry” if we were fighting, so that’s also another reason I hate getting flowers! Bring them home on a random day, why does it HAVE to be on Valentine’s day! By the way, did you see my recent post on Instagram! I found the best flowers at HomeGoods! Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but the best part is, I don’t have to “take” care of them!! LOL

Trying to come up with the perfect gift for my husband is so hard. Through the year we always just get what we want, so when it come times to get a gift on a special occasion - it feels like impossible. My husband likes the finer things in life and you name it, he has it! The typical gifts - watches, shoes, electronics, etc.. he already has what he wants, so getting him something sub-par, what’s the point! Don’t get me wrong, I did think of something creative, but more like funny, but remember it’s the thought that counts - that should count for something though he may disagree.. LOL!

Now, kids are still kids so regardless of setting the expectations, they do expect something hearing from all their friends what they got, etc.., but again, I don’t plan on splurging! I decided to make a trip to Walmart to see what I could find and they have aisle and aisles full of stuff! As I was browsing up and down the aisles, I wanted to be creative, practical and fun! Shouldn’t be too hard as they get excited over pencils and cool erasers.. LOL!! I won’t lie - I did do the chocolates and stuffed animals, but these are also some of my favorite things :)!

My weakness is that I tend to go over board around Christmas, but not for mini-holidays! I did get them something small as a token which I’m sure they will be happy getting to open a present, but again it’s the thought that counts, right?

My Valentine wins this year are:

-bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms

-Heart shaped Reese’s Cup

-Valentine Gummy Bears

-Monkey stuffed animal (I love monkeys)

-Reading books, activity books and tattoos. I also got one of my daughters a journal so she can write out her thoughts as she tends to internalize her feelings!

The candy will be devoured, the stuffed animals will hopefully remain with them forever knowing it’s from their parents, the tattoos lets them build on their creative side because you have to “build” a person using the different tats and the books will help them build on their vocabulary and help them engage with their reading!

Making memories is the best gift you can give because the materialist items will probably be misplaced quickly or forgotten. Last year, we made Valentine’s boxes together that they took to school and filled up with their vcard trades! They enjoyed making these boxes together and cherished the time we spent together as a family! They loved the boxes so much, they decided to keep them and re-use them this year! When they took out their boxes, they reminisced on the time when we were making them last year and all the fun they had! They didn’t remember the box of chocolates or the other items they had gotten (which I don’t even know if they have anymore), but those memories will last a lifetime!!

Other fun activities we’ve done together!

-Making heart shaped cookies and decorating them - then devouring them!

-Scavanger hunt finding little notes of all the things you love about the person

-Coloring pictures together and then trading them

-Drawing silly pictures together of each other

-Making cards together

Remember it doesn't have to be a grand gesture, it's just the thought that counts!!

What are some of the fun things you have done with your kids on Valentine’s Day that have become cherishable memories?!! I’d love to get some more creative ideas because as they get older, the funner it becomes!!

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