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Saving Money

Budgeting With Babies

There are so many expenses that go along with having a baby let alone having multiple babies all at the same time. Well, my expertise is having triplets.. yup triplets!! 2 very beautiful princesses and 1 handsome prince!

Initially we didn't know how we would go about buying just the basic minimums given we were going through like 30 diapers a day and 1 bag of wipes per day and x-large canisters of formula in like 3 days, but after doing some research I found lots of websites that allow you to stay on a budget without giving up your necessities along with a few extras :)!!

See below for a nice quick list to keep as a cheat-sheet to refer to.

  • Amazon Mom and Amazon's Subscribe and Save Program along with Amazon Prime helped us save alot of money on basic necessities and added an extra bonus - auto-shipping so I wouldn't have to remember to get more at the last minute.

  • also offers discounts when auto-shipping, but I thought Amazon was more affordable.

  • Flash Sales which allow you to get amazing 'luxury' products at affordable prices whether they be necessities or not:,, myHabit, RueLaLa, Fab are just to name a few.

  • Daily Deals: LivingSocial, Groupon

  • Also - I highly highly highly recommend searching the following sites before purchasing anything to see if there are additional discounts or rebates:

  • and - I NEVER purchase anything online without searching on these sites first because 9 out of 10 times there is always a deal to save some money!!

  • Ebates/Honey/Shopathome (great cash back)

Of course there will be days when you will just need to get out of the house for a mini-break and (what's a girl love to do) go shopping! My favorite stores to get random/unique/hard-to-find items is at TJMaxx/Marshalls and Home Goods. Even Ross has some stuff every now and then. These places allow you to get cute kiddie items for super cheap compared to the big department stores. You will also find old school toys here that will be easy on your budget and educational.

I never thought I would be shopping at consignment stores in a million years and let alone for my babies.. HOWEVER, you come to realize just how quickly your little babies/infants will become toddlers and how quickly they grow out of stuff (couple weeks/months). What's the point in spending lots of money on things that you can get for super cheap at a consignment store. Especially those cute dresses they will only wear once or those seasonal items which only last 2-3 months. I'd rather pay $2-$5 than $15-$20.

Hope these tips help you with saving a few bucks cause a few bucks saved can add up and take you a long way.


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